Program 2016


Thanks to the dedication of Mama Ida, the strenght of Maestro Roger Lopez vision and the devoted supervision of Prof. Angel Lopez it was possible to achieve  activities listed below:

  • shipibo general Knowledge, recognition and identification  of their cultural roots and values;
  • planting and cultivation of medicinal and master plants;
  • recognition of the medicinal and master plants, their origin and habitat;
  • recognition of the illnesses and the plants which can cure them;
  • identification of the medicinal and master plants possible to diet with, to gain energy, strenght and power;
  • recognition of the recipes of plants preparation;
  • recognition and description about the behaviour of  vegetalista or onanya  fronting the Maestro and the society;
  • practice of curing the patient;
  • practice of traditional Shipibo drawing and embroidery;
  • practice of tradicional Shipibo songs.

Furthermore it was possible to achieve  these complementary activities:

  • participation in spiritual ceremony with Maestro Roger Lopez;
  • practice of construction and carving  the pipe with Don Daniel;
  • practice of tradicional Shipibo massage techniques with Maestra Mama Ida.

Thanks to the work of the volunteers it was  possible to realize as well  activities like:

  • learning english with Raul Oyarzo Miranda;
  • learning german with Nicole Richard Urrutia;
  • learning cromatic scale and use of colors with Paulina Irazabal.

What more it was possible to improve subject of study like mathematic and literature.