Program 2017


  • recognition and valorization of the medicinal and master plants possible to diet with, to gain energy, strenght and power;
  • plants diet guidelines: instructions about the duration of the diet, prohibitions, prescriptions and the behaviour to adopt.
  • workshop in  “Visual and texile art” with Maestra Mama Ida and Pilar Godoy Cortez.
  • marusa, its characteristics, properties and instructions about the diet;
  • pion colorado, its characteristics, properties and instructions about the diet;
  • practice of the plants diet to gain visionary and spiritual healing power;
  • practice of the sacred song “Icaros”;
  • preparation of ayahuaska with Maestro Roger Lopez Ramos;
  • partecipation in spiritual ceremony with Maestro Roger Lopez Ramos.


  • workshop in tradicional Shipibo massage techniques with Maestra Mama Ida;
  • planting and cultivation of medicinal and master plants with Maestra Mama Ida,
  • workshop in folk music class (zampoña, charango y quena) with Camilo Carvajal Valenzuela;
  • workshop in yoga class with Camilo Carvajal Valenzuela;
  • remedial class of mathematic and literature with tutor Yuri Oliver Yuy Vasquez.