The school

Nii Juinti means Heart of the Amazon in shipibo language is a school of ancestral medicine and shipibo culture for children of the Ucayali jungle of Perú.  This school is born from the dream of Suipino, the maestro of shipibo medicine, Roger Lopez.  The Ngo provides with lodging, food, clothing and education in an environment of respect, joy and appreciation of children, whose ages vary from 8 to 14 years old.

The children sleep in Nii Junti and after their breakfast they head to the public shool of San Francisco de Yarinacocha. They return for lunch to Nii Juinti, and during the afternoon they start their education with the resident elders on subjects such as plant medicine, traditional shipibo craftsmanship, gardening, traditional chanting, music, and others.  They also receive reinforcement on academic areas such as math and language.  Voluntaries from all over the world complement their education in areas such music, art, designing, yoga, languages and much more.

“Shipibo medicina is a miraculous knowledge that should prosper, a real treasure of nature, that touches our hearts and heals, bringing  hope and inviting us to create form love, all together, a new tomorrow for mankind.”