The teachers


"Mama Ida, the Grandmother who, every day pas to the children of Nii Juinti, her wisdom, knowledge and love for the sacred plants."

Ida Huayta Ramos, was born in the early 1950s, in Roaboya Nativa, district of Padre Márquez,  Ucayali,  Loreto. She is the daughter of Mr. Eloy Ramos and Mrs. Amelia Huayta,  both descendant from Shipibos. Her father was a medicine man, he knew very deeply the secrets and the power of the master plants. Her mother taught her the love for the plants, the shipibo’s drawing and all the ancestral shipibo knowledge that a woman needs to know.

She was very young when she felt her conection and interest for master plants. Now, it is 50 years that she practice the healing with master plants.

Every evening she walk in her garden with medicinal plants, thanking the guide, protection and blessings coming from the spirits of the plants  to all the families and children of Nii Juinti.

Ida keep alive the knowledge about plants and shipibo’s handicraft. Like the ancestors, her drawings are visions coming from the spirits of the plants.

With her sacred songs, drawings and her smile, every day Ida inspires the students to love and to respect nature and the roots of the shipibo community.