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If you are interested in visiting Nii Juinti, sharing with the students of the school, as well as experience plant medicine, get to know shipibo handcraft and feel the Amazon, you can stay at the shamanic center Ani Nii Shobo (

On the banks of a beautiful lake, surrounded by majestic trees and sacred plants in the heart of the Peruvian jungle, stands Ani Nii Shobo. The magic of the surroundings, the beauty of our bungalows and the traditional natural medicine of the Shipibo culture combine to offer a transforming experience. Ani Nii Shobo is an invitation for people to reunite with Mother Earth through the gifts deposited in the plants by the sun.

We offer the opportunity to see the miraculous world of Ayahuasca, the healing secrets of Teacher and Medicinal Plants, rituals and ceremonies that have remained intact through the centuries: a chance to awaken your mind and access a spiritual experience. You will step into the wonders of the flora and fauna of the region, with expeditions to remote and beautiful places, a pathway to regaining that lost contact with nature.

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